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The unique combination of traditional Chinese acupuncture and Western herbal medicine is a synthesis of ancient and modern knowledge that forms an eclectic, integrated and pragmatic approach, drawn from the myriad different strands in which these systems are rooted allowing the creation of treatments specific to individual needs. Richard Collisson specializes in the treatment of fertility issues.



An ancient medical technique rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine which is typically used alongside herbal medicine in Oriental Asia. Over 9,000 clinical studies have been carried out worldwide on acupuncture and on this basis the WHO recommend its use for a variety of common chronic conditions.



Acupuncture has a reputation for helping couples address fertility issues, both male and female. It can be used alone, in combination with herbal remedies, or alongside conventional assisted reproductive technologies (ART) such as IVF.


Herbal Medicine

Possibly the oldest and most ubiquitous form of medicine on our planet with 40% of modern medicines still  derived from plants. Natures pharmacy is a rich cornucopia of medicinal remedies that stil provides us with a wealth of useful remedies.


The Valley Spirit never dies,
It is called the mysterious female.

The gateway of the mysterious female
Is the root of Heaven and Earth.

It is there within us all the while,
Draw upon it as you will, it never runs dry.

Lao Tzu (from Tao Te Ching)

I have been specializing in the treatment of fertility issues, both male and female, for over 20 years now, treating couples having problems getting pregnant either naturally with acupuncture and herbs or in conjunction with orthodox IVF treatments. In 2005 I began to work in association with Dr. Geeta Nargund, one of the UK’s leading fertility experts and pioneer of natural IVF, treating couples undergoing IVF from her fertility clinics (Create Health in West Wimbledon & St.Pauls) simultaneously with acupuncture.

I also provide fertility acupuncture for couples undergoing IVF at other ACU clinics in the London area, such as, the Lister, ARGC, CRGH, The Bridge Centre, as well as Chelsea & Westminster, Kingston and St.Helier Hospitals.

To make an appointment with Richard, please call on 0208 946 1342

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