Boost your immunity this Autumn with acupuncture and herbs

By Acupuncture

Autumn has finally arrived and according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theory this is the season of the Metal element which is cold and dry.
Temperaturas are increasingly fluctuating as they fall and the nights are getting ever longer and colder. It is at this change of season, whether Spring or Autumn, that our bodies struggle to adjust appropriately to the changing temperatures of the environment, making it difficult to know what’s appropriate to wear. First we are hot, then cold, then hot again making it easy get caught out and catch a chill.
This is the time we are most vulnerable to external pathogens (viruses and bacteria) who use this temporary dysregulation of adaptation as a window of opportunity to invade our bodies and make us sick with colds and flu.
Acupuncture and herbs are useful tools for enabling our bodies to adapt faster to these changing seasonal environmental conditions and prevent us catching colds and flus.
In TCM it is recommended to strengthen the Metal element (Lungs & Large Intestine) in Autumn, whether through acupuncture, herbs or Qi Gong exercises or a combination of all three.
Why not book in for some acupuncture and herbs now to boost your immunity in preparation for the coming Winter.